ERS mission statement

Assessment instruments for early childhood and child care program quality

I can't seem to download the supplementary materials (score sheets, profiles, meal guides, etc.).

The scoresheets and other supplementary materials are "pdf" files, the most common format for Internet documents that are meant to be printed.

When will you be publishing a video for the SACERS?

  • a video for the SACERS?

There are no immediate plans.

When will you be publishing Spanish translations of the Rating Scales?

  • Spanish translations of the Rating Scales?

The Spanish ECERS-R was published in 2002, the Spanish ITERS-R was published in 2004, and the Spanish FCCERS-R

When will you be publishing revised editions of the FDCRS and SACERS?

  • revised edition of the FDCRS?

The new Family Child Care Environment Rating Scales has been published and is now available.

Is there a checklist of suggested classroom materials?

There are several companies that list materials that are "linked" to the rating scales; however, these companies create their catalogs without our input, so the materials that they link to th

How do I buy the books/videos?

Please see the order info page for links to the publisher and a few vendors.

Can I make copies of the scales?

Since the scales are published works, permission cannot be given to copy them.

What is meant by variety?

Variety means the materials required for any item (e.g., fine motor, art, blocks, dramatic play) should promote different skills and play experiences in their use.

What is meant by substantial portion of the day?

A substantial portion of the day means at least one-third of the time the children are in attendance. For example, 1 hour of a 3-hour program, or 3 hours of a 9-hour program.

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