What are the rules for using the same sink for multiple purposes?

If the same sink is used by either children or adults for both diapering/toileting and food-related routines (including toothbrushing) or other purposes (to wash toys/other classroom equipment; aft

How are "some" and "many" defined?

Terms used throughout the scale to denote quantity or frequency. Specific guidelines may be given in various items.

How is free play defined?

Free play is when the child is permitted to select materials and companions, and as far as possible manage play independently. Adult interaction is in response to child's needs.

How is accessible defined in the ECERS-R?

Accessible means children can reach and use materials, furnishings, equipment, and so forth. This does not mean that every child has to have access at all times.

How is accessible defined in the ITERS-R?

Children can reach and are allowed to use toys, materials, furnishings and/or equipment. Toys on open shelves must be within easy reach of children.

Can the ECERS-R be used to measure quality in a kindergarten setting?

Co-author Dick Clifford is currently conducting (with a number of colleagues at UNC, at UCLA and at UVA) a large-scale study of pre-kindergarten programs in six states, which will be extended to an

In the ITERS -R when it defines ages for infant and toddler, do we use the actual age or the developmental age?

The actual age of the children is used as the primary determinant of the scores.

Why isn't food considered an acceptable art material for children?

Edible materials, such as chocolate pudding, dried pasta, pop corn, etc., cannot be counted as art materials because they give a misleading message about the proper use of food.

Can I score higher-level indicators if lower-level ones have not been met?

In order to assign the number score (from 1 to 7) for an item, the answer to this question is "No." In order to move from one level of quality to the next, when scoring, all criteria for t

How compatible are the scales with Montessori philosophy?

We often have questions inquiring about the suitability of using the Environmental Ratings Scales in Montessori programs.

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