All About Preschoolers

All About Preschoolers

All About Preschoolers
An Environment-Based Curriculum


By Debby Cryer

2008, Kaplan Early Learning Company

ISBN 978-0-88076-333-2


This comprehensive two volume curriculum set, designed for all preschoolers was written by Debby Cryer, a leading expert in the field of early childhood and one of the authors of the Environment Rating Scales; and Cathy Riley, one of the authors of the All About ECERS-R and an expert team of five other authors in the early childhood field. Meets the standards of ECERS-R with more than 650 pages, with over 600 illustrative photographs and curriculum plans. Based on many years of developmental research and appropriate learning theory, it has been carefully designed to be used in preschool classrooms and includes time-proven successful practices. This curriculum is academically enriched, reinforcing cognitive skill development, science, math and social studies, through meaningful content around standards of learning.

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