Why isn't food considered an acceptable art material for children?

Edible materials, such as chocolate pudding, dried pasta, pop corn, etc., cannot be counted as art materials because they give a misleading message about the proper use of food. The possible health (sanitary issues), safety (e.g., choking hazards), and supervision consequences of using food in art are considered under the corresponding items in the ITERS-R (#10, Health practices, #11 Safety practices, and #25 Supervision of play and learning), the ECERS-R (#13, Health practices, #14, Safety practices, and #30, General supervision of children), the FDCRS (#12, Health, #13, Safety, and #26, Supervision of play indoors and outdoors), and the SACERS (#13, health practices, #15 Safety practice, and #31, Staff supervision of children). In addition, many children are being raised in homes where food cannot be wasted, and using food in art causes a conflict in the messages given at home and school.