What are the rules for using the same sink for multiple purposes?

If the same sink is used by either children or adults for both diapering/toileting and food-related routines (including toothbrushing) or other purposes (to wash toys/other classroom equipment; after wiping nose), it must be sanitized by spraying sink and faucets with a bleach solution after diapering/toileting use. If the facility permits sinks to be designated for specific purposes, then this should be done (for example, sinks near toilets should be used for toileting handwashing only, while sinks in classroom are used for food-related and other purposes. The intent is to cut down on fecal-oral contamination (intestinal germs transferred on the hands).

As an exception to this rule, in order to avoid requiring children to wash hands in quick succession between toileting and being fed, the following applies: If children use toilet, wash hands and then immediately sit down for meal/snack, contamination of children's hands at toileting sink must be minimized by having children/adults turn off faucet with paper towel.