Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers

Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers cover

Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers

By Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms and Adele Richardson Ray

1996, Addison-Wesley Longman (now Pearson Learning)

Paperback, 288 pages, ISBN 0201494523


Just like the rest of us, preschoolers are interested in the food they eat. Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers takes advantage of this interest to provide an ongoing, everyday emphasis on good health and nutrition throughout the early childhood curriculum. The enjoyable activities in this book are related to the typical preschool classroom learning centers - blocks, books, pretend play, science and math, art, music, and so on - as well as meal and snack times. Teachers will find plenty of support in the appendix lists of related books and cookbooks, patterns, games to play, and newsletters to parents. A special feature of this book is a training manual for teachers, which outlines a staff workshop for using the book to create awareness of good health habits.


Available through Pearson Learning, but only by telephone, not from Pearson's Web site: 1-800-321-3106.