Early Childhood Education & Care in the USA

Early Childhood Education & Care in the USA
Edited by Debby Cryer and Richard M. Clifford
2003, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.

Paperback, 227 pages, ISBN 1557666385


A research-based resource for professionals and students, this text gives readers a thorough overview of early childhood education and care as well as a new awareness of the strengths, challenges, and concerns facing the system — both now and in the years to come. Highly respected expert contributors give readers clear and concise historical background, illuminating data and findings on the current state of the field, and reflections and insights on future directions. Key areas covered include

  • the definition of quality education and care
  • access to education and care programs
  • regulatory policy
  • curriculum and program content
  • funding issues
  • staff roles and compensation
  • specific initiatives such as Head Start and Early Head Start
  • family engagement and support
  • innovations and future directions in practice, policy, and research

Equally useful for pre-service and in-service professionals, this essential text leaves readers with a thorough understanding of early childhood education and care in the United States.

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