All About ITERS-R

All About ITERS-R

All About the ITERS-R
A detailed guide in words and pictures to be used with the ITERS-R

By Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms and Cathy Riley

2004, Kaplan Early Learning Company


ISBN 0-88076-615-8

 All About the ITERS-R is a resource guide to be used with the ITERS-R that gives important information on:

  • why each item is important;
  • what is needed to meet the requirements of each item; and
  • how to score


With increased use of the ITERS-R has come great variation in interpretation of the scale's requirements, so that scores across observers do not mean the same thing. All About the ITERS-R provides the information needed for accurate and stable interpretation of the scale.

The book can be used to ensure accurate ITERS-R assessment by:

  • early childhood practitioners, to improve classroom quality;
  • technical assistance staff, wanting to provide guidance to practitioners;
  • licensing staff, who need to evaluate the quality of a program; and
  • researchers, who need to use the scale correctly and reliably.

The format of the book is organized to match the format of the ITERS-R, by subscale, item and indicator. It gives clear, print explanations of how each indicator within each item is to be interpreted. More than 800 color photographs of real-world settings, with captions, illustrate the text.

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